Helmar Health and Community Services

Helmar Health and Community Services

Helmar’s aims and objectives are to relieve sickness and to preserve the good health of people of African descent living in London as well as elsewhere in the UK and in Africa particularly North-east of Uganda.  Our key objectives are:

  • To promote awareness and knowledge of sexual health and HIV/AIDS, and strategies for its prevention;
  • To advance education by providing and assisting in the provision of advice and facilities for children’s and adult education;
  • To relieve financial position of the people served by the organization;
  • To carry out any other functions and activities that is consistent with the aims and objectives of the organization.

Contact Details:

Room 20

United Reformed Church,

Richard Mayo Centre

Eden Street, Kingston upon Thames,

Surrey  KT1 1HZ

Tel: 020 8546 1671

Mobile : 07760616585

Fax:     020 8546 1671

Email: info@helmarcare.org.uk


27th March 2018