Mediation in Divorce

Mediation in Divorce


114 High St,

Hampton Hill,

TW12 1NT


We offer a range of services to families who are divorcing/separating. We have a team of eight mediators who can help couples agree on arrangements for children, home and finances. We provide an alternative to going to court. The majority of people who start mediation reach an agreement and mediation is quicker and cheaper than long court battles, gives you more control over decisions than going to court, is less stressful than court with less conflict and it is easier on children when parents co-operate. Legal aid is still available for mediation and if you qualify mediation will be free. We can assess you to see if you qualify for legal aid. We also provide counselling to children who have experienced divorce/separation either now or in the past and may be having problems at home or at school. Our specialist counselling service is supported by Children in Need and we see children age 4 – 8 for up to twelve counselling sessions. We provide specialised adult counselling for those going through divorce. We also help families where communication is difficult with a wide range of issues to improve relationships with grandparents or with step-parents/step siblings and enabling parents to avoid going to court.