Action plan on partnership working on Universal Credit

Action plan on partnership working on Universal Credit

The kiaa group has now set out and agreed the Action Plan for our partnership working to support local people claiming Universal Credit when it comes to Kingston in June 2018.

The plan has several elements and has been drafted from the notes of the ideas and thoughts that attendees at the event in March shared.

One of the recurring themes in discussions was the need to be clear about what each other do (and don’t do) for clients and how to find this out quickly and easily. So I have (with the help of some superb techy peeps) devised a new online directory for all kiaa members and it is going to be integrated into the main CAK website so it is easy to use as the Front Door for local services.

Another idea was that we should share training if possible, so people can continue to develop good working relationships with colleagues in other agencies and to save time and money on each agency pursuing this alone. CAK is organising the sessions which will be free to partners. There will be a half day session for initial contact staff and a full day session for caseworkers. Details to follow.

The next thing we are sorting quickly is the online discussion forum as members said they wanted a way to share ideas and experiences with colleagues in other agencies so that we are not all constantly reinventing the wheel. This is being set up as part of the website revamp and I hope it will all be ready next month…

In the meantime, if you need any further information – don’t hesitate to contact me..

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