Campaigning for Change

During our everyday work with clients we often see examples of injustice or hardship which happens because of flawed policies and practices.

Sometimes this is the unintended consequence of a strategy or plan on the part of policy makers. So we work with colleagues throughout the country to gather evidence of injustice and hardship and put this information before policy makers, so that they have a chance to make changes and improve people’s lives. We work to make a difference to people’s lives and to remove injustice. This can only be done with evidence of what is going wrong, so it is important that we gather and share this evidence.

Working in this way we can be the fence at the top of the cliff for our clients, not just the ambulance at the bottom.

We do all this in a confidential way (unless people want us to identify them, we don’t). We provide anonymous information and encourage policy makers to act to resolve problems that affect more than one person. If you want to know more about what is happening nationally, please follow the link : Citizens Advice Current Campaigning

We are happy to work with partner agencies to campaign for change for clients – if you wish us to do this with your agency, please email

To see how Citizens Advice Kingston are campaigning for change check out our Twitter , and blog pages