Fuel voucher fraud – new arrangements for id verification

Fuel voucher fraud – new arrangements for id verification

Here are Giles’ notes on how things run now..

Dear all,

As key referrers into our service for fuel vouchers, I have the unfortunate news that we, and it seems many other fuel voucher issuing agencies are being subject to fraud.

The pattern has been to either contact us directly or go through a referral partner such as yourselves and provide false names, address details and complete assessments with false details to obtain fuel vouchers.

This can only happen where the person has not been seen in person, or has not provided ID so, unfortunately, we now require that anyone you refer has either:

  1. Been met in person
  2. Has provided ID (see forms we would accept below)

If your referral does not have “ID VERIFIED” under the client details, we will be unable to process it.

We will accept the following ID:

The ID needs to show name and address on an official document.

This can be, for example:

  • Benefits letter or screen shot of benefit on the name and address screen (Universal Credit statement etc.)
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Utility bill / screen shot of online utility bill
  • NHS letter

I’m aware that some people may not be able to provide this. In which case they will need to be physically seen – this means they would need to come to your offices or an event and be seen to verify their details.

I’m aware this will delay urgent cases and it is sad news for those in need but the fraudster/s claim their case is urgent so we prioritise them and feel pressured not to do checks and this is part of their operation.

Please pass this on amongst your advisors.

Sorry that it has come to this, and hope you understand our predicament.

Best wishes,


Giles Read


Tel. 07920 52 44 52