Help Stop Hate Crime

Help Stop Hate Crime

We are working with Kingston Race and Equality Council to combat hate crimes in our community.

If you need help send KREC an email about your experience of discrimination, physical assault, verbal abuse, threats or harassment


Report Hate Crime or Racist Abuse

The Hate Crime Action Group provides Victim Advice, Support, Advocacy, Counselling, Mediation Services

Kingston REC works to provide free help, assistance, advice, support, advocacy, Counselling and mediation service to victims of Hate Crimes or Hate Incidents in Kingston and its surrounding areas.

A Hate Crime is a criminal offence that is motivated by prejudice. It is an act of hostility against someone because of their personal characteristics such as Race, Age, Gender identification, Disability. Religion or Belief, Sex, Sexual Orientation.

A Hate Incident is an act of hostility towards someone based on their personal characteristics which does not constitute an offence but nevertheless the victim or witness perceives it to be hate motivated.

Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents should be reported to the Police. A victim or witness to a Hate Crime or a Hate Incident who perceives it to be taking place can positively take action to stop it by reporting it or helping the victim.