How well is the Care Home Market working?

How well is the Care Home Market working?

Citizens Advice have done some research into how the care home market is working. With more people needing social care it is worrying that for so many people navigating the system is a real nightmare.

The problems are not just financial : it costs on average £30,000 per annum in the South of England to pay for residential care (not nursing care, which is even more expensive), it is really difficult to find suitable places and packages of care to help you stay at home (which is what most people want) take time to set up and don’t always work well. The national media reports that care homes are closing every week and some agencies that provide care workers do not use the best employment practices. For instance, there have been articles about care workers not being paid for travelling time between clients and, in rural areas particularly, this can mean that they drop below the minimum wage.

Citizens Advice Kingston are working to help local people by hosting the Care Place Directory on the ‘One Click’ website which gives a wealth of information about local provision and also by offering free appointments with an Independent Financial Adviser in our offices who can help with guidance on issues relating to paying for care.

We also have a wealth of information in our national ‘Advisernet’ resource about various issues relating to care as well as free appointments to discuss pensions options from the Pension Wise service (operated by our colleagues from Sutton CAB).

If you want to find out more – check out the other areas on this website and click on the link to see what the Cit A blog tells us:

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