KIAA Members

Here is the update about GDPR and it’s relevance to our network.

Click HERE to go to the kiaa noticeboard.

This has all the updates and information about our network that you need to stay in touch with local colleagues and what’s happening. We are developing a discussion forum which will help us to share ideas and experiences and which we think will be particularly useful in relation to our shared work on supporting people claiming Universal Credit and also the local work on the Homelessness Reduction Act projects.

Click below for:

General referral form to CAK if you want your client to get help from another member agency of kiaa

Universal Credit referral form for RBK and JCP to use to access appointments for Personal Budgeting and Digital support

Policies, Strategies and Reports (eg Kingston Information and Advice Strategy, kiaa aims and objectives, recent event reports)

Discussion forums (to share ideas and pick other member’s brains about hot topics such as UC for clients)

If you have any ideas about how things can be enhanced for our membership, please let me know – thank you