Launching our new website

Launching our new website

During June we are launching our revamped website. We have made changes so that it is easier for local people to find the answers they need to the questions they have, or to find out quickly and easily how to get to a help agency if they can’t find the answer for themselves.

We realized that our previous website had information about how we run the organisation as the main focus rather than how people can find answers to their problems. So we have made changes and now there are a series of pages with links to information on particular topics – welfare benefits, housing, debts, immigration, courts etc. We have also refined the kiaa directory of agencies (Kingston Information and Advice Alliance) so that people can see which agencies offer help on different topics. This work will complement the project on ‘Social Prescribing’ which is underway and seeks to offer non medical solutions to people where this will help them to stay fit and healthy and therefore active members of our community.

You can still find all the information you may find interesting about our organisation and our work campaigning for change if we see hardship and suffering as an unintended consequence of policies – either locally or nationally.

The new website also allows us to have better communication between local agencies who are members of kiaa so that we can make the best use of scarce resources locally – avoiding gaps and overlaps and having seamless services for local people, especially those in distress.

Let us know what you think of the changes, and especially please tell me of any amendments we need to make …