Renters’ Rights – Info from Citizens Advice

Renters’ Rights – Info from Citizens Advice

On 10th June in the House of Lords research from Citizens Advice which was based on a survey carried out by local offices was at the heart of a push to strengthen renters’ rights. A Private Member’s Bill, which will seek to ban letting agent fees received its Second Reading and our national clients’ experiences will be a big part of the debate.

Building on our successes

Following our campaign successes to improve protections for tenants living in the private rented sector, through the recently passed Housing Act, we have another opportunity  to make the market fairer for renters. The Bill builds on recommendations that we have  made in our Settled & safe campaign and related research: ending unfair letting agent charges; a publicly available database of rogue landlords; and preventing people who have been found  to flout the law from renting out property.

Continuing to make improvements

We achieved some important changes in the Housing Act, including a new database of rogue landlords, £30,000 fines for landlords who breach a banning order and mitigating the most adverse impact on vulnerable tenants of the new abandonment clause. The Private Member’s Bill looks to build on this progress and is heavily informed by our national data, research and client stories. It’s often the case that this type of Bill struggles to fight its way through parliament, but we’ll continue to look for opportunities to push for improvements in this sector.

Today is another important step towards fixing the private rental sector for our clients and other tenants. And today is also another opportunity to recognise the impact that we can have as a service that not only helps individuals with their unique problem, but seeks to tackle the cause of that problem at its source.