This week’s tweets in one place:)

This week’s tweets in one place:)

If you want to catch up on what we are saying this week – here are the highlights of our tweets for the week 🙂

💬 “I’ve worked and volunteered in the Citizens Advice service since leaving university in 2012 and can honestly say, I absolutely love it.”

@_SteveHughes_ shares a week in the life as our Head of Help to Claim ⤵️


  • You can still get help during this time if your partner or a family member makes you feel anxious or threatened

    Many different organisations can support you if you’re a victim of domestic violence. Our advice can help


  • In March, Housing Minister @RobertJenrick announced

    🏠 “no renter who has lost income due to coronavirus will be forced out of their home”

    A pre-action protocol will be key to keeping this promise — and @CitizensAdvice explains how it could work ⤵️


  • If you’re travelling on public transport, you’ll usually have to wear a face mask or covering for your mouth and nose

    You might not have to if you’re under 11 years old or have an illness or disability which means you can’t wear one. Find out more