Update on our current kiaa Action Plan

Update on our current kiaa Action Plan

At the recent June Zoom meeting we set out an action plan and I thought it would be good to give you an update on how things are progressing..


Here are the points we agreed to pursue:

  • Digital Inclusion
  • Shared Safe Interview Space
  • Shared admin office space
  • Sharing ideas and knowledge on topics

Here are the updates:

Digital Inclusion is VERY definitely on all the agendas as RBK seeks to set out strategy on future service delivery. There is a possible partnership bid being explored with KVA as a lead and Sarah Ireland at RBK is leading on their DI work. It has been a focus for the Seizing the Moment workshops set up by Ian Thomas and also at the Kingston Stronger Together discussion on the future of the hub.

Shared safe interview space – KVA are leading on this one with discusisons with Jo Moulton and Genine Whitehorn and a survey to check out who needs what and how we might progress things. Meanwhile, and in the immediate short term, I am also checking out who has rooms set up to see clients and whether we can share them – including Housing, Adult services, the College and the Rose Theatre so watch this space


Sharing admin office space – this is a longer term option that is supported in principle by Ian Thomas and Cllr Caroline Kerr so we will see how discussions progress as part of the RBK consideration of how estate is used in the future


Sharing ideas and knowledge – this is in place now with a sequence of kiaa Zooms with the first one this week (14th July) and the next one on 8th August with the third one on 6th September. The first one went really well with tremendously positive feedback and about 20 of us in the room. We made some new links and boosted some established ones so full speed ahead on this.


If you want to know any more about any of the above – please don’t hesitate to email me pippa@citizensadvicekingston.org.uk