We are thinking about home this month…

We are thinking about home this month…

We are thinking about home this month – with all the media interest in the lack of ‘affordable homes’ and the initiatives to reduce homelessness and the concerns about safety of social housing,, it is difficult to avoid thinking about home.


We know that we all do better when we feel safe and secure, when we don’t have to worry about money too much and can focus on our work or studies instead. This is a self evident fact but all too often people have anxiety about the roof over their heads and this can have a really negative knock on effect to the rest of their lives and relationships and their ability to be active and supportive members of their community.


The information and advice agencies in Kingston have a key role to play in helping people find a way forward when they are worried about their home. We have a wealth of information about how to find a home, how to keep it and what to do when things go wrong.


We work together in partnership so that we can offer the best possible services to those most in need in our community and to make sure that people can quickly and easily get the best advice for their situation. We do this by knowing what services are available and the best way to access them so that when clients contact us we can either help them then and there or make sure they know who can help and how to get that help…’whoever you are: whatever the problem’

Chief Officer at Citizens Advice Kingston - also leading the kiaa network ( Kingston Information and Advice Alliance) of local information and advice providers from the Statutory, Voluntary and Private sector in Kingston