worried about returning to work?

worried about returning to work?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled a three-phase plan designed to act as a roadmap out of lockdown. The plan encourages those who are unable to work from home to return to work.

A spokesperson for Citizens Advice said: “If you’re worried about the risk to you of continuing to work, you can discuss it with your employer but they don’t have to agree. If they are requiring you to come in, they still have a duty to protect your health and safety while working by making adaptations.

“For example you could ask to come in at different times to avoid the rush hour. Your employer may also close communal areas, provide sanitising equipment or reorganise the workspace so that you’re not working near a colleague.”

and here is a link to the full Government information and guidelines on safe working during the continued pandemic

and here is the link to the FAQS about what you can and can’t now do during lockdown… (updated on 11th May 2020)