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Kingston One Click gives you a range of self help materials on all subjects and a directory of local community services, online referrals and easy access to support in the community.


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About Us

Citizens Advice Kingston is a team of local people serving our local community.  Our  experienced volunteers and paid staff provide a free Front Door to all local information and advice services-‘ whoever you are: whatever the problem’ READ MORE

A Single Front Door

From April 2017, the new Advice Kingston service was established to provide a Single Front Door to local services so anyone can quickly and easily find an answer to a problem or find a local service to help READ MORE

Campaigning for Change

We gather  evidence of injustice and hardship to put  before policy makers, so that they have a chance to make changes and improve people’s lives, reducing hardship and suffering READ MORE

Agencies offering help

KIAA (Kingston Information and Advice Alliance) provides a directory of local agencies from the Voluntary, Statutory and Private sector who offer help & advice

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